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PostSubject: Euclidius....   Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:10 pm


Im that guy who will have ya back no matter what, i dont care whats up, if im gonna get my ass kicked or whateva, im in there, if we going into war, im going all in, no bullshit. I am NEVER "too busy" to help a friend if he/she needs it. My Faction is my family. And thats the bottom line. Im hardheaded, hot headed, and a go getter.

RL: im a combat vet from Operation Enduring Freedom/Noble Eagle and Iraqi Freedom. Got my honorable a little more than 2 years ago. I work in the entertainment industry now, and its cool, but not what i expected.. Moneys too good to leave though lol, and the girls... oh the girls.. i mean "Love you baby!" *smiling at Lucky*.. uhm well im 25, not so single. well not single at all, I played many MMO's and always do the PVP aspect of it, END GAME is only the beggining... hopefully i get there soon with with these grinds. Im from Jersey.. The New one.

Im very loyal, thats my thing and sometimes i get crazy or mad cause i expect my values ot be in other people, which it isnt, and wont ever be, it takes a certain type of person to understand loyalty and trust, and dedication as well as what "family" means. Family means do or die. and thats that, those who understand it will understand me.

anyways, thats about it for now any questions ask other than that im out later and good luck to everyone we gonna take over with this faction, lets do it!
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